SOLD Sowerbutts c1958 11’0” /3  Whole cane butt, with split cane middle and top. This very famous London maker is best known for their magnificent brass-capped roach-poles; however they also made many excellent running line rods for sale from their own premises in East London. Sowerbutts rods were all made up to a quality, rather than down to a price. This is a powerful barbel and big fish taper. Excellent

steely cane. This rod has been completely restored to better than new condition. Large agate cradle butt-ring, small LBL intermediates, agate tip ring. Rare Elephant brand #24 silk in red (colour 20). Long, slim cork handle with small trumpet fare, with new Coxon & Waterman alloy reel bands and original butt cap. A lovely rod. £675


SOLD Sharpes (London) 1994 Carp Perfection 11’3” 2/ A powerful carp rod that was made in 1994 to illustrate an article on cane rod assembly. Although supplied through Agutters, the blank was actually made by Sharpes of London, and is the same as used for the Chris Ball ‘All-Rounder’. £225

SOLD Sharpes (London) 1995 Barbel Perfection 11’3” 2/ plus handle. Superb modern Kennet Perfection rod, with dark cane, stand-offs, lined butt and tip, and thin cork handle with gentle top flare. Silk whipped in dark old gold with contrasting tippets. Excellent all-rounder. Very little used, and as good as new. Purpose-made staggered level green cloth bag. Float or leger. £245


SOLD J.B.Walker 1960c MK IV ‘Extra Stepped Up’ 10’ Hugely powerful rod suitable for casting big deadbaits, or spinning for huge Norwegian Atlantic Salmon.  Restored with new ceramic intermediates, and rare tulip agate tip ring.

SOLD J.B.Walker 1965 c Perfect Roach 11’0”  2/ Two piece – all split cane.  Similar to the Hardy’s Perfection Roach, but with a slightly stiffer action, and a longer (better) handle. Certainly much more of an all-rounder than the Hardy, fast striking when necessary , but with the ability to apply greater power all through from above the ferrule right through the handle. Agate butt and tip, small, neat, stand-off inters. All deep red finest silk ties, with VERY fine, and closely-whipped graduated intermediates. This is a very special rod. The only one seen. Deserves a loving owner. £385

SOLD J.B.Walker 1960c 12’ /3 Powerful custom-made heavy-duty carp rod in an unusual length (for its era). Restored with new ceramic butt and tip (specially specified). New S/S inters. Fine red silk. New sliding screw reel-fitting over fine shive handle. Sold before listing. A very fine and unusual rod for big fish.


SOLD Walker Bampton 1960 c The Lightcast 8’0" 2/ An excellent rod from a top quality maker. Completely refurbished to new condition. Original agate butt and tip rings. Re-whipped in fine red silk. A perfect stalker for everything from chub to smaller carp, or an excellent perch/pike spinning rod. £225


SOLD Allcocks 1935c Conqueror 9’0” 3/1  # 4   Stripped for restoration. Original bag. As is. £70

SOLD Allcocks ‘Marvel’ c1965 8’/2 #5  Original  gold oval label. The most sought-after of all the classic Allcocks fly-rods. This taper design is said to owe much to the best American influence. A  light dry fly action. Excellent Allcocks cane, with pronounced (Leonard-style) swell above the handle.  10” super-flor grade shive cork handle with plain polished fixed housing butt-cap, and new pretty convex-knurled sliding band. Original agate butt ring. New hayfork tip ring, and English twist stainless intermediates, one size up from originals to allow for the use of modern fly-lines. Fine, pre-war,  jasper silk in subtle tan colour. A classic that is completely fit for another lifetime of use. £375

SOLD Allcocks 1955c Little Gem 7’6” 2/1  # 4   Gold silk. Snakes. Gold oval. Lovely. £245


SOLD Constable 1970 c Wallop Brook 8’8” 2/1 #5 Excellent original condition.  Orig. bag. £195

SOLD Constable 'Wallop Brook' 8'8" 2/1 #6. 1970c Original. A rare creature from one of the top English makers, Cliff Constable: who died some years ago. The Wallop Brook range is highly-sought after, and copies of them are now made at about £850. The range was designed by Dermot Wilson (see Ernie Schweibert's book) and sold only at his tackle shop at an ancient mill on the upper river Avon. This rod is in near new condition. It is wrapped in red. Agatine tip and butt. Close inters. £295.


SOLD Moores of Belfast 1960 Fly  #6/7 10’0” 3/1 Beautifully made in-house by this well-known Belfast rod builder. Virtually unused. Single-handed sea trout/steelhead rod.  A light 10’ rod £150


WITHDRAWN Milwards 8'0" /2 #5 'Flyrover' 1965c Dark flamed cane. Utterly delightful! £175.


SOLD Oborn 8’0” /2 #7 ‘Tenacity’ Lieutenant Colonel Oborn produced very few rods, but they were very well made, and are much respected. Fully restored. Hardy green silk. Agate stripper. New bronzed USA. snakes. New agate tip-top. A powerful rod for bass, sea-trout, pike, or perhaps steelhead.  £275


SOLD Pezon &. Michel 1965 ‘Parabolic’ 9’0” #6/7  2/1 Staggered ferrule with spacer. Fine Charles Ritz design. Refurbished to better than new standard, with brown (as original) silk.  A classic that is still available at about £850. Original maker’s ‘Tricolour‘ badged bag. £240


SOLD Ogden Smiths 1955 c The Warrior 7’6” # 3/4   3/1 Sought-after small rod. Scroll handle. Sliding fitting. Original bronzed brass/ alloy ring winch fitting. Excellent cane. Rod bag. £175